Please, Please take your dog’s waste home with you!

Whilst walking your dog in Torbay, please, please pick up your dog’s waste and take it home for disposal. Dogs discharge infections in their waste that can make livestock ill. The most common is Neospora, which causes abortion, birth defects and infertility in cattle and can affect other livestock. Please pick up and take your dog’s waste home for disposal.

We are now turning out our livestock across Torbay. So you’ll expect to see cattle and sheep grazing at Cockington, Maidencombe (both sides of the village) and around Brixham at Gillard Road Nature Reserve, Berry Head National Nature Reserve and Sharkham Point. Our livestock have an important role to play in land management and conservation, maintaining habitats and supporting wildlife.

Remember when you are out walking at Torbay’s green spaces and places you should follow the Countryside Code Thank you for you help and support.