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All of the sites managed by Torbay Coast & Countryside Trust are part of the English Riviera UNESCO Global Geopark. The Trust is proud to be a Geopark partner and takes great pride in caring for many of the Geopark’s extraordinary places.

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English Riviera

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In September 2007, the English Riviera gained international recognition for its rich geological, historical and cultural heritage, becoming one of just fifty-seven Global Geoparks. Since then the Global Geopark Network has grown. There are now over one hundred Global Geoparks and the Global Geopark network has gained UNESCO status on a par with World Heritage Sites.

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Torbay's Geology

Situated within the stunning, rolling hills of South Devon, Torbay’s geology has created the beautiful coastline of today, which fundamentally links the rich diversity of landscape with wildlife, people and culture. The shape of the Bay provided the naval fleet safety during times of crisis and thus was a catalyst for the building of the Napoleonic Forts while its sheltered natural harbours led to the growth of what, at one point, became the UK’s largest fishing port. The beauty of the area influenced the early development of a tourism industry thus instigating the requirement for the exploitation of its geological resources in the form of extensive limestone quarrying, in addition to the marble and terracotta industries. For more about our amazing Geopark.