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Planning a photo shoot or looking for a great film location? Organising a fun run or community ramble? Check out amazing spaces, stunning backdrops and beautiful historical settings…

Berry Head filming


Many of our beautiful sites attract media attention for both photo shoots and commercial filming. Advert content has been shot at both Cockington Country Park and Berry Head; both have been included in a number of documentary series in recent years and Berry Head has even been the backdrop for a Bollywood film!

To film at one of our locations you do need to obtain permission from us, the land owners. Some of our land is subject to restrictions due to wildlife conservation, so we need to know all about your project to identify any potential risks to the site. Filming or photography cannot be undertaken at any of our sites without a contract being in place, signed by both parties.

Requests to film include: student photo shoots and filming, news crews, radio, commercial photo shoots and filming.

As a rule our fee for filming starts at £150 + Vat per hour, however, for the filming of documentaries/films we work on a ‘price on application’ basis and this we will confirm when we know more about your project. All the money we make from location fees goes back to the location to support our conservation work.

Processing filming applications is not our core role and accommodating these requests means that our onsite rangers have to reschedule their day to day work plan. We therefore request at least 21 days notice of your project. We may be able to accommodate a faster turnaround but this will depend on the time of year and work schedules.

Application to Film



Torbay Coast & Countryside Trust (TCCT) will consider requests for drone flights for the purposes of filming and photography from commercial operators related to recognised production companies. Commercial operators hold current PfCO ( ‘Permission for Commercial Operations’) issued by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). A publicly available list of these operators is available on the CAA website. Generally, any permission granted is given where the purpose of filming accords with the Trust’s own mission statement and relates to the positive promotion of the Trust, Torbay and/or research regarding the natural environment or historic heritage. As part of the application process these operators are required to provide current CAA certification/licence/permission, full risk assessments together with any suitable safety mitigation measures, flight plans and proof of an acceptable level of public liability insurance relating to the use of drones under Regulation EC785/2004. All applications are considered on a case by case basis and TCCT reserves the right to withhold consent. TCCT will levy a charge (which must be paid before consent will be given) for all commercial filming operations. Our Drone Policy.

Cockington cakes

Location HIre

If you are organising a fun run, planning a party or arranging a gathering you can apply to hire land. Start by downloading our land hire form and telling us all about your exciting event.

We do make a charge for hiring our land and all the money we make from land hire goes back to the location to support our conservation work. All the places we care for are listed here to help you decide who you need to contact about hiring the land. So your Good Times are helping us Do Good… right across Torbay!

Apply to Hire TCCT Land