I have found a sick or dead bird and I’m worried that it might have had bird flu. What should I do?

A case of avian influenza has been confirmed at a premises near Paignton. Should you find a sick or dead bird, we are currently advising the following safety precautions:

  • Do not touch any sick or dead birds
  • Keep dogs and other pets away from any sick or dead birds
  • Do not feed wild birds
  • Do not touch any wild bird feathers or surfaces contaminated with droppings.

Reporting dead birds

You should report to the DEFRA helpline on 03459 335577 if you find:

  • One or more dead bird of prey or owl
  • three or more dead gulls or wild waterfowl (swans, geese and ducks) 
  • five or more dead birds of any species.

If the birds are on public or council land, please contact SWISCo who will arrange for their removal and disposal. Their contact number is 01803 701310 (Option 4 – Street Cleansing).

If the birds are on private land, please report it to the landowner.

To read further guidance from DEFRA, please click here.

To read further information on avian influenza from the Devon Wildlife Trust, please click here.

I have a question about TCCT Car parks…

Our car park are managed by Park with Ease and applicable prices are advertised at each car park location. Parking at sites including Cockington Country Park and Berry Head NNR is 60p for a 20 minute stay (£1.80 per hour / £7 for 4 hours and over).

If you receive a PCN from Park with Ease our advice is to settle it as soon as possible. TCCT is unable to facilitate PCN appeals for you. Contact: Park with Ease

You can read more about parking at our sites on our dedicated Parking page.

I am concerned about anti-social behaviour at a Trust site.

We ask all visitors to our sites to follow the Countryside Code and Government COVID-19 guidelines. If there is a significant recurring problem on a Trust site, we will seek assistance from the police.

Cyclists are riding across Trust sites. Is that allowed?

It remains illegal to cycle on public footpaths. Cycling is only permitted on bridleways and those permissive paths on Trust land where it is clearly indicated that cycling is allowed. We ask all visitors to our sites to obey the law, follow the Countryside Code and consider others at this time.

Cycling is permitted in Cockington Country Park along tarmac routes. TCCT very much promotes this as a shared space for both walkers and cyclists to enjoy. However, cyclists are encouraged to ride safely, be mindful of others using the park and ride within the 5mph speed limit, which is clearly signposted along these routes. It’s worth noting that paths around Cockington Country Park are not Public Rights of Way, where cycling is not permitted, this includes cycling through the Water Meadow where the is clearly signposted.

Can I ride a motorised scooter at TCCT sites?

TCCT doesn’t permit the use of motorised scooters on TCCT land at this time. We will endeavour to review the position, once Government trials have been completed and the legislative position on licensing of scooters is clarified.

There’s someone camping on TCCT land!

Camping is prohibited on all Trust land. All occupants of tents and camper vans/mobile homes will be asked to move on. If they fail to do so, we notify the appropriate services, including the police and the local authority outreach team to work together to find a resolution.

What can you discover at Occombe Farm?

Occombe Farm is a mix of farm attraction with indoor and outdoor play, animal encounters barn and animal paddocks trail; a farm shop and a farm cafe.

Occombe’s nature trail is still available to access which allows you to explore a mixture of stunning ancient woodland and beautiful meadows.

A visit to Occombe supports the work of Torbay Coast & Countryside Trust (TCCT). Proceeds from your visit help to support the work we do to care for the many treasured green spaces in Torbay, benefiting nature and people.

If you’d like to know more about Occombe, please click here…

Can I use a metal detector on TCCT land?

Under the terms our stewardship agreement we are unable to permit metal detecting on TCCT land.

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