Access to land

  • We are endeavouring to keep all Trust sites open for responsible public access.
  • We ask that all visitors behave courteously to others and follow the Countryside Code (please keep to marked paths and close all gates behind you).
  • Please follow Governement COVID-19 guidance on social distancing and other precautions. 10th May – Staying Safe Outside your Home

Access to car parks

Update: 13th May 2020: After reviewing new Government guidelines we have reopened our car parks at Sharkham Point, Berry Head and Cockington Country Park Higher Lodge.

Our advice remains the same, see guidance above.

Public toilets will remain closed whilst we continue to review how we can reopen them safely.

Why can’t you empty litter and dog waste bins?

Due to the COVID19 crisis, we are running at significantly reduced capacity and can only deal with priority tasks to keep our sites accessible to the public. We have had to close all litter and dog waste bins on our sites and ask that visitors take all their litter and dog waste home for disposal. Please do not just leave it by a bin.

Can I get a refund for the event I was booked on?

Yes. Refunds are being given for all events booked until the end of June.

Unauthorised access and camping on TCCT land

Camping is prohibited on all Trust land. All occupants of tents and camper vans/mobile homes are instructed to move on. If they fail to do so, they are served with a notice to vacate. If they do not comply with this notice, the Trust will obtain a court order to move them on. We will address such issues as promptly as we can during the COVID-19 crisis.

If you have concerns that visitors are not adhering to government social distancing guidelines…

The Trust is unable to enforce social distancing guidelines. We ask all visitors to behave sensibly and observe Government guidelines. If large social gatherings occur on one of our sites during the lock-down period, we will seek assistance from the police.

Request to move Herras fencing to stop people parking against

We can only put fencing on our land and in a location that allows it to be effectively secured.

TCCT Membership – will we be refunding because we can’t use car parks at the moment?

Our terms and conditions of membership:

  • The terms of membership and parking and benefits package state that we do not refund fees in total or in part.
  • If you wish to cancel your membership and/or benefits card and parking package, you should contact us 30 days before the renewal date.
  • We reserve the right to change or withdraw benefits, promotions and offers at any time.

The Trust parking and benefits package is already excellent value for money, compared to paying for parking by the session.

Once the COVID-19 crisis has passed, we will be able to assess the impact on the Trust and determine whether we can offer subscribers any discount at renewal.

Concerns about anti-social behaviour

We ask all visitors to our sites to follow the Countryside Code and Government COVId-19 guidelines. If there is a significant recurring problem on a Trust site, we will seek assistance from the police.

Cycling at Trust Sites

We need to remind you that it remains illegal to cycle on public footpaths. Cycling is only permitted on bridleways and those permissive paths on Trust land where it is clearly indicated that cycling is allowed. Cycling is prohibited on the path running through the water meadows at Cockington and it makes social distancing impossible. We ask all visitors to our sites to obey the law, follow the countryside code and consider others at this time.

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