Volunteers at Berry Head preserving nature whilst honouring a legacy

Torbay Coast & Countryside Trust have recently welcomed a unique group of volunteers to their National Nature Reserve at Berry Head.

The group, from Earthworks Conservation Volunteers, have been making an annual trip from West London and Buckinghamshire for nearly 20 years to Berry Head in Brixham, to honour the memory of a friend and fellow group member, Dawn Hocking.    

Tim Graham, a Ranger from Torbay Coast & Countryside Trust said:

“Earthworks Conservation Volunteers are a dedicated group of individuals and their hard work at Berry Head over many years has had a significant impact on preserving and protecting the natural environment at Berry Head.”

Graham continued: As a conservation charity we are reliant on the support of volunteers and it’s a pleasure to welcome Earthworks each year. Not only is the group making a heartfelt tribute, they are also making a real difference with vital and valuable contributions, which in this case was cutting back the gorse in a bid to promote growth of our native bell heather.”

Over the years, Earthworks Conservation Volunteers have formed strong bonds with the rangers at Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust through their shared enthusiasm and passion for protecting Berry Head.  

The volunteer group choose to travel to Brixham, as Dawn their former member relocated to Devon, and although she spent time volunteering at Occombe Farm (also part of Torbay Coast & Countryside Trust), she was deeply passionate about Berry Head, and aspired to volunteer there too. Sadly, her battle with ill health prevented her from realising this dream. Dawn passed away in 2003, leaving Earthworks Conservation Volunteers with a determination to honour and celebrate her memory in the best possible way. 

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