Why we remove unofficial memorials from TCCT Sites

TCCT policy determines that it does not allow any third parties to erect memorials on its land. We do remove memorials as part of routine site maintenance. However, in practice, memorials may be left for an undefined period until the acuteness of bereavement has reduced.

If bereaved relatives approach TCCT, we will discuss options including planting a memorial tree (for a fee).

Recently a tribute to Tommy Spink at Walls Hill was removed. We appreciate that this was distressing for Tommy’s family but found ourselves coming under increasing pressure to remove the memorial items from the fence after receiving a number of complaints from visitors to Walls Hill, concerned about the litter and mess it was attracting.

Worried that the site was becoming a focus for people to leave rubbish and debris we felt obliged to act in the belief that Tommy’s family would not want their special place and his memory associated with such abuse to Walls Hill.

Walls Hill is very important for wildlife, we were anxious that the risk of memorabilia detaching from the fence could either end up in the sea or blowing across the site, causing harm. This site attracts antisocial behaviour which has become more prevalent during COVID19. Items like this in the past have been set alight. Fires on this site would be a disaster for the very rare and fragile grasslands, and devastating for Tommy’s family too.

Whilst it is TCCT policy to remove unauthorised memorials from our sites we are always happy to discuss alternative commemorative options with all bereaved families. We have always done our best to accommodate requests and are willing to be flexible. We would therefore like to reach out to the Spink family to contact us so we can discuss alternative tribute options for Tommy.