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Torbay has lots of beautiful woodlands to explore, here are the ones we care for. (Main image credit: BlueMoonPhotography)

Scadson Woods

Scadson Woods is a pretty 13 acre woodland situated between Occombe and Cockington and can be explored via a network of pathways. It is brimming with wildlife including badgers, rabbits and even roe deer have been spotted here! The walks take you through the woodland from Occombe to Cockington and back again! There are also dedicated cycle and free-ride routes through parts of this woodland with challenging slopes and jumps. Scadson Free-Ride Park run this activity if you fancy a go!

Discover Scadson Woods
Occombe woods


Heartwoods are a collection of Designated Local Nature Reserves made up of Occombe, Scadson and Cockington Valley Woods. They include areas of Ancient Semi-Natural Woodland and many interesting historical features. The woodlands connect Occombe Farm and Cockington offering walking and cycling routes.

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Brunel woods

Brunel Woods

Brunel Woods, once planned as a home and garden for Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s retirement is a beautiful peaceful oasis to wander through where you will see many of the species and features of Brunel’s time that have survived.

Walking around Brunel Woods
The Grove

The Grove, Churston and Marridge Woods

Running along the coast from Elberry Cove to Brixham, discover the Grove, Churston and Marridge Woods. Follow the trail through the woods to the peaceful setting of Churston Cove.