Innovative campaign launched to protect Berry Head’s fragile ecosystem

Torbay Coast & Countryside Trust, a dedicated conservation charity that cares for Berry Head as well as 76% of Torbay’s natural green spaces, has launched a striking new campaign designed to encourage dog owners to pick up their dog’s mess.

Their ‘Purple Poo Campaign’ aims to reduce the amount of dog waste at Berry Head, which is a National Nature Reserve, as it damages the delicate ecosystem of the limestone grassland that the area is home to.

The Trust is deeply committed to safeguarding Torbay’s green spaces for the enjoyment of all, and this campaign affirms their commitment to environmental preservation.

The bold visual approach involves spraying dog mess left on the nature reserve bright purple using biodegradable spray paint, making it clearly visible to all visitors.

Marije Zwager, Engagement Ranger at Torbay Coast & Countryside said: “Berry Head is an area of national importance due to the endangered species that reside there, including both plants and animals. We must all help to protect the area and preserve it for future generations to enjoy.”

The Trust encourages all visitors to Berry Head to join in this campaign by promptly picking up after their dogs and disposing of it in one of the many bins located on the reserve.

During the campaign the Trust will be speaking with visitors on the reserve to raise awareness and encourage all to pick up after their furry friends.

For more information about Berry Head click here.