Cockington Water Meadows

Torbay Coast & Countryside Trust is a dedicated conservation charity that cares for nearly 80% of all Torbay’s green spaces, some of which are sites of national and international importance.

One of the sites we manage is Cockington Water Meadows. You may have noticed a series of posts on social media from a friendship group of Cockington Water Meadows stating that we have ‘stopped them working’. This just isn’t the case and we are disappointed that we have not been able to reach a mutually agreeable position.

Despite the approach the group has decided to take, our door remains open for negotiation. We have invited them to join us at the Water Meadows and we hope this matter will be resolved soon.  

We believe that collaboration is key and as a charity we welcome volunteers to support our work. Our mission is to enable you to explore Torbay’s beautiful coast and countryside, whilst also safeguarding habitats for wildlife and plants to thrive.

As a responsible charity we also have a duty of care to protect the health and safety of our staff, volunteers and all those that visit our sites. We take this seriously.

The friendship group was formed to supplement the care of this site and over recent weeks we have had many conversations with the group to explain the need for us to work more closely, for the health and safety of all involved. Particularly in regards to lone working which must always be avoided.

We have compiled a work plan with weekly sessions where we can work together. This has sadly been refused.

We share the same aims for conservation and the way forward is collaboration, so we are deeply disappointed by the approach taken by the group to resolve this matter.

We are proud of our passionate, fully trained and experienced Rangers who are committed to conservation and are thankful for all of our wonderful members and volunteers who support us throughout Torbay.

We must all join together as everyone can make a difference to support our precious and unique coast and countryside which we are so very lucky to have on our doorstep.