Greater Horseshoe Bat

When to see:

These magnificient creatures are resident all year round and roost in the extensive limestone cave systems here at the reserve. Berry Head is an internationally important site for this protected species. During the coldest parts of the year the bats retreat further in to these systems to 'hibernate' searching for the optimum temperature to do this. At Berry Head we also have a maternity roost which, during the summer months, houses the pregnant females and then latterly their nursing young.

Where to see:

As the greater horseshoe bat receives the highest level of wildlife protection we request that the public either view the bat in the warmth of the visitor centre via the bat cam or join us for one of our ranger led Bat Walks during the summer. This way we can ensure that we can protect this rare species and it can continue its delicate recovery from near extinction. More information on the bat is housed in the Artillery Store at the end of the headland.

Did you know?:

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