Biomass, wind and solar energy

The Trust actively promotes renewable forms of energy and seeks to demonstrate these to the public through installations at our sites and interpretation displays. We have a large 95Kw photovoltaic array at Occombe Farm which is also the base for our woodchip supply business. The visitor centre at Occombe has more information and displays about these activities.

Photovoltaic Panels

The Trust has installed the largest solar power station in south Devon at Occombe Farm: a 95Kw photovoltaic array. 514 solar panels have been installed on the roofs of five barns at the farm providing electricity to the farm and the National Grid.

Photovoltaic Panels

Occombe Farm is the base for the Trust's wood chip supply business. Timber is brought to the farm from local woodlands, dried, chipped and then used to supply local organisations that have installed wood chip boilers. Customers include The Sharpham Trust on the River Dart, Cockington Court and Paignton Zoo's Crocodile House! Wood Chip is a low carbon sustainable fuel.

Photovoltaic Panels
Low Energy Buildings

Modern buildings consume large amounts of energy in their construction through the manufacture of the building materials used. At Occombe Farm in Paignton the Trust has constructed Torbay's first straw bale buildings. Using straw, timber and recycled tyres these buildings contain no concrete or cement and are themselves recylable. The buildings were constructed with the help of students studying construction trades at South Devon College.

Photovoltaic Panels
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