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The Trust is farming 700 acres of land across Torbay organically. We have a herd of Ruby Red cattle (North Devons) and a growing number of sheep that graze many important sites helping to maintain their conservation value.

If we weren’t grazing these sites, or if they became over-grazed, their environmental value as habitats for wildlife and plants would be reduced.

The base of the farming operation is at Occombe Farm in Paignton which is also open to the public. Our aim at Occombe Farm is to re-connect people with where their food comes from and inspire a passion for locally produced food.

As an organic farming operation we are inspected annually by The Soil Association who make sure we are following their rules in relation to our farming practices and animal husbandry.

We are organic because we believe that this offers the best balance of food production, animal welfare and environmental stewardship in an accredited system which can be evidenced. 

Occombe Farm - Local Food & Farming Occombe Farm - Local Food & Farming
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