White beaked dolphins spotted off Berry Head

White beaked dolphins spotted off Berry Head

Published: 7 November 2014

This week  5 white beaked dolphins have been spotted of Berry Head which are rarely seen around Torbay’s coastline.

These beautiful dolphins can reach 3.1 meters in length and weigh up to an impressive 350kg. They have a distinctive short beak that is often white and are usually found in Northern waters. When feeding these dolphins work together creating whistles sounds, slapping their tails and leaping out of the water to coordinate their hunt. It is also believed they may coordinate their feeding with other whales such as the humpback. Sadly, numbers of these magnificent animals are declining but conservation efforts are being made to restore the numbers. The trust would be grateful to hear about any sightings of marine mammals in the Bay through email, twitter or facebook.

Watch the video of the dolphins here and why not pop up to Berry Head to try and spot them yourselves! 

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