What success! - Berry Head family Fun Dog Show

What success! - Berry Head family Fun Dog Show

Published: 23 September 2014

On Saturday 9th August ‘The Friends of Berry Head’ held a dog show to raise funds and awareness. The day kicked off at 11am and what a beautiful day it was up at the reserve.

There were 6 classes ranging from ‘Most Handsome Dog to ‘Best Rescue’. The Friends were expecting 12 – 15 entrants per class however they were exceedingly surprised when the first class had 50 entrants. They knew that they were on to something special.

Around the main arena, there were plenty of other interesting stalls;

Brixham Coastguard Cliff Rescue team were showing off their truck with all their climbing and rescue kit.

The Torbay Coast and Countryside team, which are based at Berry Head, exhibited their truck, with tools and also information on the type of livestock that dog owners and walkers might encounter on the nature reserve.

Cornwall and South Devon Boxer Rescue had a stall where they were promoting responsible dog ownership. They were also explaining what else they could do to help dog owners

The Torbay Dog Warden was offering advice on dog ownership and also to people who have issues with dog fouling.

There were other activities to take part in from face painting and other children’s activities such as build a dinosaur from the Friends and SmoothSpace respectively.

If you wanted a nice photo of you and your beloved pet Julia Masters, Pet Portrait Photographer was on hand to encourage the pooch in question into photogenic poses.

Russell Dawe, from Oakwood Gundogs was on site with training demonstrations with his dogs in the main arena and also running the scurrying competition.

The ‘Friends of Berry Head’ themselves had a stall with a tombola, book sale and also the sale of a large number of delicious cakes.

This was rounded off with the team from The Guardhouse Café having a stall selling tea, cold drinks, sandwiches and ice creams to ensure that everyone present had plenty of energy as the day progressed.

As we approached the end of the day we had had over 150 entrants in the classes and over 40 participants in the scurrying.

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