Our chickens and ducks have moved!

Our chickens and ducks have moved!

Published: 23 January 2018

Our chickens and ducks have been temporarily moved! 
Recently Avian (bird) flu has been detected in some wild birds in the UK. As a result we have moved our resident ducks and chickens inside for their protection.

Strains of bird flu have been found in Warwickshire and Dorset. Because of this we are required by law to follow specific disease prevention measures. Moving our flocks indoors helps to protect them as well as reduce the chance of catching and spreading the disease. Although there is no bird flu on the farm, guidance states we have to keep them indoors for the foreseeable future. They are happy in their temporary home and will be outdoors again as soon as possible.

Visitors to the farm can expect to see our ruby red cows, who are in the barns for the winter, and our two alpacas, who love to meet new people! We are also expecting some spring arrivals soon, with the lambing season imminent, and will keep this page updated with any developments.

Our nature trail, woodland walks and gardens are all accessible and beginning to show signs of spring. At half term there will be lots of lovely events and activities taking place on the farm, so please check our events list for information about kids’ holiday clubs, cookery schools and a Valentine themed discovery trail.

To find out more about the Avian Influenza Prevention Zone click here

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