Occombe's Chicken go to school!

Occombe's Chicken go to school!

Published: 15 January 2015

White Rock Primary School in Paignton received an interesting visit this week, with the Year 1 and 2 students getting up close and personal to learn all about chickens.


Rangers from Occombe Farm went into White Rock Primary school to teach the children all about the chicken’s life cycle from egg to chick, alongside how to care for chickens once they have hatched. The children at White Rock got the opportunity to hold a range of different eggs fresh from Occombe Farm including Quail, Duck and two different breeds Chicken eggs and learn about the 21 day process from the laying of an egg to the hatching of the chick. A couple of chickens were brought in from Occombe Farm giving the children the opportunity to see what an adult chicken looks, sounds and feels like, one even laid an egg for the children to see! This hour-long session was great preparation for the children to receive their own school eggs to incubate and rear into hens in the their own school grounds.  

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