Let’s get imaginative on Occombe Farm

Let’s get imaginative on Occombe Farm

Published: 5 July 2018

From this weekend and throughout the summer kids can get creative in an imaginative playground at Occombe Farm. The Imagination Playground contains a wide variety of loose parts, including cubes, bricks, cogs, curves, and cylinders. But the parts are not simply loose. They have holes and shapes that fit together. A pair becomes a wall. A wall becomes a room. A room becomes a house. The pieces fit and connect together, are made of lightweight foam; they're soft and friendly to the touch yet dense and firm enough to build structures and shapes. The possibilities are endless!

Especially for the summer months this amazing play equipment will be available for children under 12 years to play with, build with and enjoy. What will they create?

The equipment is free to use and will be available from Saturday 7th July.

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