Dolphin Superpod sighting at Berry Head NNR

Dolphin Superpod sighting at Berry Head NNR

Published: 27 May 2014

It’s not often that a person gets to witness a superpod of dolphins measuring into the 100’s, however an estimated 800 Common Dolphins were spotted on the morning of 26th May off the coast at Berry Head NNR.  Renowned wildlife artist and avid birdwatcher, Mike Langman, was fortunate enough to spot and video this natural wonder between 6.15-7.15 am with a few dolphins still appearing at around 8.00am.

The pod was spread over an area of about 5 miles - 1 mile south of Berry Head, Brixham and up as far north as the Ore Stone near Hope’s Nose Torquay.   In several large, medium and smaller groups they gradually moved south.

Mike was able to capture some of the group on video and commented that ‘conditions were still – mirror calm sea with a flat grey sky so perfect viewing conditions. I estimate at least 800 Common Dolphin in total but there could easily have been more. Most of the pod were spotted approx.  1mile – 1.5 miles from the coastline, however the pod featured in the video were only 800m out (1/2 mile)’.


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