Cockington’s Fitting Tribute to Local Craftsman.

Cockington’s Fitting Tribute to Local Craftsman.

Published: 22 November 2017

Five beautiful hand-made horse and cart models have been very kindly donated to Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust for display in the Cockington Visitor Centre.

The models were hand-made by local man, Reg Webster, and have been gifted to the Trust by his son Terry Webster.

Reg Webster, was a professional model maker, who made models for English Electric in Stevenage, Herts, before moving to Torbay and becoming a woodworking technician at Churston Grammar School. He was even involved with Brixham Secondary School’s restoration of one of the gun carriages for the cannons at Berry Head. He lovingly crafted these delightful models over many years, starting in the early 1990’s and following many visits to Cockington and the Shire Horse Centre, Yealmpton; places he enjoyed visiting often.

Sadly Reg passed away in 2010. The models remained on display at Terry’s parents’ home until his mum passed away in May this year, when they then came into his possession.

Terry said:

“This all came about at the perfect time, I had nowhere to put them and John was looking for a display at Cockington Visitor Centre. They are a perfect fit:  a perfect legacy from my dad so others can see what he did”.

“He was a truly talented and clever man. If you had a problem he would go off and think about it for a while and a couple of weeks later he would return with the tool you needed or the part repaired or the technique to fix it!”

Damian Offer, TCCT Director said:

“We are delighted to have these models on display in our Cockington Visitor Centre and are enormously grateful to Terry for his generous donation. I do believe his father would have been proud to see them there and in return we are honoured to pay our respects to him in this way”.

You can see the carts on display in the Cockington Visitor Centre, in Cockington Village. The Centre is free to visit and due to open on 2 December and across the festive period.

In picture: TCCT Director, Damian Offer (left), next to John Gillet, Cockington VC Supervisor and Terry Webster (far right).

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