Berry Head Sheep Moving for Spring

Berry Head Sheep Moving for Spring

Published: 29 January 2014

February will see our Soay sheep move from their current enclosure by the North Fort into the Heath enclosure just up from the Reserve Office at the Bungalow. We will be placing signs out this week to let the public know about the move and when the sheep are in signs will be placed on each access point to let all visitors know. All dog walkers will be required to put their dog on a lead through this small part of the reserve.

Volunteers and the reserve staff have had a busy month in January clearing scrub from the heath to extend this rare limestone lowland heath. We are also replacing the old stiles with kissing gates. Not only will this make the area stock proof but improve access for all.

Berry Head National Nature Reserve is a place of stunning beauty where the residents of Brixham, and those from further afield, can enjoy its scenery, wildlife and amenities.

The Soay sheep at Berry Head are a vital management tool. From the Isle of Soay they are an exceptionally hardy, traditional type that can help keep the spread of scrub at bay with minimum intervention.

Please help us to keep Berry Head, with its rare and threatened species, in good shape by keeping your dog on a lead throughout the Heath enclosure. We thank you for your understanding.

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