Arrangements on the day

When are the activities available?

Groups can book a visit with us at any time throughout the year, Monday to Friday and on some evenings and weekends. Some activities are best done in a certain season.

Who runs the activities?

A Trust Ranger or Rangers will lead the activities, who are all fully trained in leading the activities at their site and have extensive experience of leading fieldwork activities with young people.

How is an activity run?
What should they wear?
What happens if it rains?

We get wet! We carry on with the activity but may shorten it a little and move to a more sheltered location. We have indoor facilities at 3 of our sites for lunch in wet weather.

We will only cancel an activity in extreme weather conditions if we consider there to be a safety risk. There will be no charge under these circumstances. However, if you decide not to come on the day and fail to inform us until after the arrival time you may be charged.

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